BOM 22mm Backlit Automotive Switch


  • Exclusive BOM Designs
  • Dual LED – Backlight + Warning Light
  • 304 Stainless steel or 6063 Anodised Aluminium body
  • 22mm highest quality push button switch
  • Up to 11mm panel depth
  • DPDT – Latching (Momentary coming soon)
  • IP67 Water and dustproof
  • 9-24v
  • 5 amp continuous current
  • 5 year warranty
  • Complete with receptacle and terminals
  • IVA compliant

Finding nothing on the market that would fit our needs, eventually we got fed up and had our own automotive switch made. These 22mm push button switches are of the highest quality. Each has two separate LED’s with their own power and ground feeds. One LED is the white backlight and when hooked up to the illumination circuit on the vehicle and the NC side of the switch, it glows allowing you to find the switch with just a glance. No more fumbling around in the dark trying to lay a finger on it. Activate the switch and the backlight goes out and the chosen warning colour comes on. Without the illumination circuit on when the button is pushed, just the warning light comes on. Genius, I know.

Each switch comes with its own socket and terminals allowing you to seamlessly integrate it into your own wiring. No more twist and tape, soldering or messing around with those bloody awful pre-insulated terminals. 

Currently you can choose from machined stainless steel or black anodised aluminum housings along with our own custom designed legends for Front Fog, Rear Fog, Hazards, Heated Rear Window and A/C; each has the corresponding MOT correct warning light colour. 

You can also choose instead, the same switch but without the legend. Choose from yellow, red, blue or green coloured warning ring still with the white backlight LED.   

We have thoroughly tested these and we believe they are the best after-market automotive switch on the market; they are most certainly not like other poor quality, cheap Chinese imports. So happy we think you’ll be, that we have included a 5 year warranty. 

The first batch is all latching but we hope to be able to offer momentary switches in the coming few months. 

BL22 Backlit Automotive Switch Specifications

.035 kg
3.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm

Stainless, Black Anodised


Rear Fog, Front Fog, Heated Rear Window, Hazards, A/C, Yellow Ring, Red Ring, Green Ring, Blue Ring


Latching, Momentary

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