In episode 29 we have an absolute tonne of stuff to re-furbish and make good. There’s powdercoating, painting, stripping, blasting, plating and many more ings besides.

3 Replies to “Project Binky Episode 29”

  1. stephen mills

    Hello I would like to ask if there is going to be a final episode as after watching the whole series I cant rest until I see the last episode. It has been a brilliant show from start to finish and the two mechanics had a brilliant sense of humour throughout the series. I give the show 100% with seeing. Please can you let me know if there is going to be a grand finale to end the series. Many Thanks. Mr S A Mills.

  2. Quick Suggestion.
    If you noticed the threads on all your nicely plated parts get exposed when bolting everything down..
    Plasti-Dip, or invest in Heat Shrink Caps for the ends of exposed hardware. It will keep the threads from fouling on nasty roads.

    Noticed the full poly kit. Hoping you plan on keeping this on the tarmac. I live in the PNW and where I’m at most roads are gravel. Winter they turn into mine fields of potholes… It’s killed my old MKII VW..



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