We’ve had the same old site for several years now and it became apparent that we needed a new one. Gone is the old clunking site that took ages to load and was riddled with inconsistencies and behold our shiny new website developed and hosted by Daniel Railean from https://www.1p3.co.uk

It’s mostly the same tired content just wrapped up in a new ball gown. However we now have Amazon Pay integration, the shop part has many improvements especially on the shipping and tracking side and we’ve now got a proper platform to develop some ideas we’ve had over the coming months.

Soon, the forum is being re-vamped and moving over to our site instead of being hosted elsewhere so we hope to be able to grow the community and bring you all the latest news and inside track here.

It’s quite hard and time consuming to keep up with the latest social media trends, so hopefully this new site will become the place to visit for all your Binky, Escargot and BOM news before anywhere else.

If you’ve got a spare few moments, let us know what you think with the feedback thingy at the bottom of the page. Unless it’s bad, then keep it to yourself…

2 Replies to “New Year, New Website”

  1. Have watched Ep.29 twice so far. Excellent stuff.
    Glad to hear that you plan to increase the forum focus. It would be great if you guys could contribute occasionally again – many threads are conversations about facts that only you guys know. I’ll admit this is a selfish request as I have a little project on the go to model Binky in 1:24 scale, complete with the Big Blue Jig’s base.
    Escargot obviously needs its own area too, but I expect you have this in hand.


  2. Rodney Schultz

    Regarding the “New Year, New Website” posting…
    I noticed a typo there with “…especially on the sipping and tracking side …”

    Surely a Freudian slip there, no?

    Care for another tea?

    Love your work, guys!


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