Link G4X Plug In ECU

The new Link G4X Plug-In ECU is at the cutting edge of engine management technology. With an advanced high speed processor, the G4X ECU provides you with ultimate control of your engine.

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Is a Plug-In ECU right for me?

The Link G4X Plug-In ECUs take the headache out of custom wiring a standalone ECU. It provides a neat and tidy solution to fitting a programmable ECU to your vehicle and offers all of the same processing power as the top of the line Xtreme ECU. The Link G4X Plug-In ECU allows factory inputs and outputs to be reconfigured to perform other tasks, or simply add an Link XS connector to provide additional inputs if required.

In most cases where a Link G4X Plug-In ECU is available for your particular model of car, this is the best option. If you have any queries feel free to contact our friendly team for further advice.


Simple to install

Wiring in a standalone ECU is time consuming and requires a good knowledge of automotive wiring for a successful result. The Link G4X Plug-In ECU makes it quick and easy. Installation is as simple as fitting the new Link G4X Plug-In ECU board to your factory ECU enclosure and plugging in the factory loom.

No wiring is necessary, and if your car is standard then the ECU will allow you to startup and drive your car straight away!*

* Startup map is intended to allow vehicle to be transported to a dyno facility only. All G4X ECUs should be tuned specifically to suit each individual installation.

Total control means more power, better fuel economy and perfect driveability

The Link G4X Plug-In ECU utilises the same processor as the top of the line Xtreme. The advanced processing power provides unparalleled accuracy and control. Coupled with Link’s user friendly PCLink tuning software, getting the best out of any engine is easily achievable – You won’t be disappointed!

Gone are the days where having an aftermarket ECU meant that you had to suffer with poor cold start performance and a car that no longer idles properly. The Link G4X Plug-In ECU offers complete control of cold start performance and can control your stock idle speed system. Correctly tuned, this means your car will cold start and idle just as well as it did from the factory.*

*Engine must be fitted with factory idle speed system. Heavily modified engines with large camshafts may  not be able to achieve stock-like idle.


Works with your factory sensors – No expensive extras required

The Link G4X Plug-In ECU is configured to use your factory sensors. This saves you the cost of additional sensors just to make your engine run. With the flexibility of the Link G4X Plug-In ECU, you can still choose to change any factory sensors or add your own if you want. Just adjust the calibration and you are ready to go.


Key Features*

  • Compatible with OEM or aftermarket REF/SYNC triggering
  • Compatible with all OEM sensors
  • Select airflow meter or MAP sensor as a load source
  • Factory wastespark or individual coil ignition
  • Up to 6D fuel and ignition mapping
  • Sequential fuel and ignition delivery
  • OEM idle hardware supported
  • 5D closed loop boost control with three switchable tables
  • Motorsport features – antilag, launch control, flat shift
  • Continuous barometric correction (on board)
  • CAN port for communications to other Link product
  • QuickTune – automated fuel tuning *
  • Closed loop air/fuel ratio control *
  • Closed loop knock control *
  • Individual cylinder correction
  • Tuning via USB – cable included
  • Stats recording into on-board memory
  • Gear compensations for spark, boost and fuel
  • Real time selectable dual fuel, ignition and boost maps
  • Boost control referenced to gear, speed or throttle position
  • Up to 4MB internal logging memory
  • Able to control all factory inputs and outputs (ie air conditioning)
  • OEM inputs and outputs can be reconfigured to perform other tasks

* Requires additional hardware / depends on specific model.

Photos above may not represent the actual product.


Available for the following vehicles:

  • BMW E36 M50TUB25
  • BMW Mini Cooper S 2002-2006
  • Mitsubishi EVO I–III
  • Mitsubishi EVO IV–VIII
  • Mitsubishi EVO IX
  • Mitsubishi VR4 4G63T
  • Honda Civic 1992-95 Gen 5
  • Honda Civic 1996-98 Gen 6
  • Holden VL RB30
  • Nissan 300ZX Z32
  • Nissan 350Z VQ35DE 02-06
  • Nissan GTR R34 & GTS R32-R33
  • Nissan GTT R34 RB25DET NEO
  • Nissan S13-14 76 pin
  • Nissan S13-15 64 pin
  • Mazda MX5 1600-1800
  • Mazda RX7 Series 6
  • Mazda RX7 Series 7-8
  • Toyota Altezza 3SGE
  • Toyota Supra 2JZ non VVT
  • Toyota MR2 V1 & Celica ST185
  • Toyota MR2 V2-3 & Celica ST205
  • VWAG 1.8l Turbo e-throttle
  • Subaru WRX & STI V1-2 (Impreza WRX & STI (MY93 –96 + RS Legacy)
  • Subaru WRX & STI V3-4 (Impreza WRX & STI (MY97, MY98 & 22B)
  • Subaru WRX & STI V5-6 (Impreza WRX & STI (MY99-00) & Forester)
  • Subaru WRX & STI V7-9 (Impreza WRX & STI, cam control)
  • Subaru WRX & STI V10 04-06 (Impreza WRX & STI, cam control, knock, e-throttle
  • Subaru WRX & STI V10 06-07 (Impreza WRX & STI, cam control, knock, e-throttle


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