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By Alexander Assmann
A very dedicated fan, Alexander, has taken the time to collate as much information as possible and produce a comprehensive parts and materials list. We’ll be updating it as we go along.
If you’ve ever wondered what parts we got from what vehicle, here’s where you’ll find it!
Engine mounts to frame Ford Transit rear leaf spring suspension bushes
Engine mounts to crossmember Ford Mondeo front suspension bushes
Propshaft Lexus IS200
Front driveshafts ST205 Celica GT-4
Radiator ST205 Celica GT-4
Water to air charge cooler 16-valve Corsa B
Indicator and wiper switches MG ZR
Interior door handles Mitsubishi L200
Electric window mechanism MG ZR
Seats Honda S2000
Battery Odyssey Extreme Racing 30 (PC950)
HVAC heater & evaporator matrices Land Rover
Coolant flow diverter valve for the heater “Slightly” modified Ford unit
Front wiper motor & spindles Peugeot 205
Front wiper spindle holders Original Mini
Front wiper arms Modified Peugeot 205
Front wiper linkage Custom
Rain sensor Citroen Xsara VTS
Rear wiper motor MG ZR
Rear wiper linkage and drive cable Modified original Mini front unit
Rear wiper wheel box & wiper arm Original Mini front unit
Rear wiper spindle spacer Custom
Pedalbox Tilton 600-Series Pedal Assembly
Steering column MG ZR
Dust cover for steering column Mazda MX5 CV-boot
Power steering pump 1 and 2 gen A-class Mercedes
Flip front linear actuator GLA1800 (100mm stroke)
Flip front catches Jaguar X-Type
Bonnet hinges Porsche Boxter
Wheel arch extensions Modified Rover Mini sport pack replica arches
Eccentric camber adjustment bolts Mercedes
Steering arms 97-99 Toyota Carina E Estate 1.8/2.0 petrol w/ ZF steering rack
Drive flanges (wheel hubs) Remachined Celica parts
Tires 175/50R13 Yokohama
Rims 7Jx13 ET53 4×108 (+50mm banded Peugeot steel rims)
Fuel line from tank to boot floor PTFE-8 stainless braided
Fuel return from boot floor to tank PTFE-6 stainless braided
Fuel line to engine 12mm aluminium hardline
Fuel line return 8mm aluminium hardline
Brake lines pressure side PTFE-3 stainless braided
Brake line feed side PTFE-4 stainless braided
Strengthening the rear window rail 3mm wall 1” box + 2mm plate gussets
Roll cage spacer plates 3mm steel
Side impact protection bar in the doors 25x50x3mm box section
Strengthening the inside sills (floorpan) 2mm CR4 steel
Strengthening tube inside the sill voids 50mm CDS tube running inside the sill void
Strengthening the C-posts Late Rover Mini OEM panels
Flip front frame 20mm thin wall tubing
Pedals 6mm steel
Exhaust 3” stainless steel
Seat boxes front part 2mm steel
Rest of seat boxes 1mm steel
Inner skin and box section on A-posts 2mm steel
Front crossmember and transverse bar 19mm tube + 1.5mm steel plate
Front bottom arm mounts 2mm steel
Main front chassis rails 100x50x2mm box section
Filling in between front suspension hard mounts 2mm steel
Connecting front chassis rails together and supporting steering rack mount 3mm box section
Connecting front chassis rails to the A-posts 2mm steel
Rear chassis rails 50x50x50x2mm U-channel
Rear crossmember 40x50x60x2mm U-channel
Rear trailing arm bracket 2mm steel
Rear chassis and subframe mount 2mm steel
Strut tower tops (front & rear) 2mm steel
Strut tower sides (front & rear) 1mm steel
Front wiper spindle arms 3mm steel


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