As many of you will know Mission Motorsport is a charity close to our hearts because it does essential work rehabilitating and helping those affected by military operations serving the country.  Back in November 2020 we gladly donated our Citroen C1 City Car Cup racing car knowing it would be put to good use.

In November 2021 we were invited to race the Citroen once more as part of Mission Motorsport’s team for the now annual and legendary Race of Remembrance at Anglesey. More on that next week…

Mission Motorsport’s CEO Jim Cameron is someone we greatly admire and respect. During the Race of Remembrance Jim casually told the story of how Mission Motorsport came to be while racing driver Andrew Bentley served us pizza…as you do!

In typical charismatic fashion Jim had us captivated with his retelling of the story at the end of which we were slightly misty-eyed and thought we simply must get this story on video.  We packed our gear and set off for Jim’s house in back in January, leaving all hope behind!

We sat down with Jim in his office, which boasts a 1923 Dodge Tourer and a 3.0 1976 Porsche Carrera, creating the perfect backdrop for him to captivate us once again with the origin story of Mission Motorsport.  As part of the 10-year anniversary we were invited to Thruxton where the video had its debut in front of a packed audience made up of beneficiaries, sponsors and volunteers.

You’ll be forgiven if you find you have something in your eye by the end of this.

Jim, we salute you.


Watch the video here on our sister channel BOM TV


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