Back in November 2021 we were invited to get back behind the wheel of our donated Citroen C1 by Mission Motorsport for the annual epic Race of Remembrance at Anglesey. Joining a team of former service personnel that included Aston Dimmock, Laurence Roke, Matt Stringer, Ben Norfolk and Nurburgring specialist Olly Brand, we integrated smoothly, but it wasn’t long before Nik had his spanners out!

For those who are unfamiliar with the event, the 12hr race runs through the night over 2 days.  This was the charity’s 8th year of holding the event and hosted 53 teams combining both abled and disabled drivers from all 3 armed forces racing along hundreds of drivers from all over the country. As will become apparent when you watch it, it is far more about teamwork than the race itself and the injuries that people in the forces can suffer include many that the naked eye can see.

We filmed all of our shenanigans which included Richard cooking the brakes on his Jaguar XFR during Supercar Saturday, the plain crazy Biathlon of Foolishness and of course our valiant racing efforts at RoR. It was an honour to take part in what we believe is the event of the year in the British race events calendar!


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