Project Binky Episode 9

In episode 9, Nik gets a haircut, Richard has twins and the shell finally gets completed. More or less.  

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T-Shirt Competition Winner!

There have been dozens of fantastic entries to our design a t-shirt competition, but there can be only one winner…

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Project Binky – Update

It’s been a month since episode 8 was uploaded and since that day an awful lot of work has happened…

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Design a T-Shirt Competition

We’ve been inundated with requests for a Bad Obsession Motorsport t-shirt (well, 3 requests) and we thought it would be…

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New website now live!

Here we are with a brand new look to our website. It’s the same old content, but it looks prettier.…

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Project Binky Episode 7

In episode 7 of Project Binky, the Mini gets most of the chassis fabrication completed, the radiator gets sorted and…

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